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John & William Neal, A collection of the most celebrated Irish tunesproper for the violin, German flute or hautboy, Dublin [1724]2nd facsimile ed. with new introduction & notes by Nicholas Carolan, Dublin: Irish Traditional Music Archive in association with the FMSI, 2010.  ISBN 978095327043  Available from ITMA shop

The 49 tunes in the book are now available on line at ITMA as interactive music scores. The music notations of the tunes (several in alternative versions) can be viewed on screen, listened to online, played back at different speeds and in different keys, stopped and started.


Section 1 General Introduction

Foreword to First Edition
Foreword to Second Edition
List of Illustrations

The Celebrated Irish Tunes, and its reception;  Background: Violin, German Flute or Hautboy;  Italian Music;  Music in Dublin;  Music Publishing

John and William Neal

Neal Publications

Lorenso Bocchi

The Celebrated Irish Tunes:  Description;  Date of Publication;  Sources of the Tunes;  The Music of the Tunes;  Motivations;  This Edition

Notes to Introduction

Section 2 Facsimile of Collection

A COLECTION of the most Celebrated Irish Tunes proper for the Violin German Flute or Hautboy

1 King of the Blind
2 Ye Clarges Lamentation
3 Sqr. Woodes`s Lamentation on ye Refusuall of his HALF PENCE
4 Da mihi manum
5 Thomas Burk
6 Eiry na Greany
7 Molly Halfpenny
8 Planksty Plunket
9 Plea Rarkeh na Rourkough or ye Irish weding improved with diferent divitions after ye Italian maner with A bass and Chorus by Sigr. LORENZO BOCCHI
10 Counr. MacDonoghs Lamentation
11 Shea sude shear an Rode a Dima shee
12 Capten MAGAN
13 Creamonea
14 Tom Judge
15 Ta me ma Chulla’s na doushe me
16 Radara meen Chusogh
17 Fairy Queen by sigr Carrollini
19 Cuckoo
20 lshabele Burk
21 Raddire en Ougnish
22 Catty Magee
23 Can duh Dilish
24 Seperation of Soul and Body
25 Sheen sheesh igus souse lum
26 Vaccatu en starri dugh
27 Ye Joynter
28 Challeeny vacca shu sheorshe
29 Clanuff’s delight
30 Luke Dillon by Carrollan
31 Voyden drid lum
33 Shuseen Bane
34 Carrollans Devotion
35 Ld. Gallaways Lanientation
36 Lady St. John
37 Morgan Macgann
38 Molly st. GEORGE
39 Gye Fiane
40 sr. Ulick BURK
41 Limbric’’s lamentation
42 Gracee NUGENT by Carrallan
43 Ye Bockagh
44 Patrick Sarsfild
45 Ye RAGG set by A gentleman
46 Fanny DILLON
47 Ye Lord Mayos delight
48 Stary ghed ina lousa Voem gigga
49 Ye Trugh

Notes to the tunes

Index to the tunes

The 49 tunes in the book are now available on line at ITMA as interactive music scores.