Irish Folk Music Studies 2 contents

Irish Folk Music Studies / Éigse Cheol Tíre 2 : 1974–75

edited by Hugh Shields, Seóirse Bodley and Breandán Breathnach

'Old Irish piper at Louisburgh, Co. Mayo, c. 1910 (NLI O Casaide collection)

Patrick Weston Joyce: the collector as editor Caitlín Uí Éigeartaigh

Song chapbooks with Irish imprints in the Lauriston Castle collection
E. B. Lyle

‘Caoine na dtrí Mhuire’: a religious ballad in Irish Alf Mac Lochlainn 

Piper Jackson Breandán Breathnach 

‘Bartok and folk music’documents A. L. Lloyd 

‘Tús an phoirt in Éirinn’.. a reply Declan F. Townsend

‘To the air of . . .’: addendum Leslie Shepard 

Book reviews

Clár amhrán an Achréidh. Proinnsias Ni Dhorchaí (B. Breathnach);
RILM abstracts of musical literature, Table of contents and cumulative index I–V,  1967–71 (H. Shields);
Cecil Sharp’s collection of English folk songs, ed. Maud Karpeles (H. Shields);
Andrew Crawfurd’s collection of ballads and songs, I, ed. E. B. Lyle
(H. Shields);
Doon the wagon way and The iron man, both ed. Michael Dawney
(F. Jeal);
Come day, go day, God send Sunday, ed. Robin Morton (M. Karpeles);
Songs of the Wexford coast, ed. Joseph Ranson (T. Munnelly);
Minstrelsy of Maine, ed. Fannie H. Eckstorm & Mary W. Smyth
(W.H.A. Williams);
The bagpipe. The history of a musical instrument, Francis Collinson (B. Breathnach);
Dal gCais, 2 (Jos Koning);
Énrí Ó Muirgheasa (1874–1945) and A man of Farney. A short story of the life of Henry Morris (P. Ó Conluain);
Later English broadside ballads, ed. John Holloway & Joan Black
(H. Shields);
Bagpipes and tunings, Theodor H. Podnos (D. Sealy);
Music from Ireland, II, ed. D. Bulmer & N. Sharpley (B. Breathnach).

 Record reviews

Rann na Feirste. Ceol agus amhráin (S. Ó Baoill);
Les sœurs Goadec agus Le Pardon des ‘Kan ha diskan’, ceol agus amhráin as Briotánais (N. Ó hUrmoltaigh);
Discs of Irish interest from Folkways Records, 1951–73 (T. Munnelly & H. Shields);
Arraneyn beeal-arrish Vannin, Manx traditional songs sung by Brian Stowell
(B. Breathnach);
Discs of Irish interest from Outlet Records (G.-D. Zimmermann);
Freedom sons (The Wolfhound) (G.-D. Zimmermann);
Discs of Irish interest from Topic Records (A. Mac Lochlainn);
Through Dublin City, songs sung by Frank Harte (T. Munnelly);
Come day, go day, God send Sunday, songs of John Maguire: see Book Reviews.

Recent publications (1973–74) Hugh Shields