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The Folk Music Society of Ireland’s newsletter Ceol Tíre was begun by its editor Hugh Shields in November 1973 and continued by him and Nicholas Carolan (who was Secretary of the Society 1977–1992) until December 1989.  It contained reports of meetings, recitals and seminars, and varied articles and snippets concerning Irish traditional music. The issues are available here in pdf format.

The search box on this page is for searching the whole FMSI website (including the Ceol Tíre Contents page).  Each issue of the newsletter is partly searchable within its PDF (within the limitations  of OCR, which often splits words and misinterprets letters).

Ceol Tíre Contents


PDF downloads:

Ceol Tíre 33: December 1989
Ceol Tíre 32 :December 1988
Ceol Tíre 31:  November 1987
Ceol Tíre 30:  January 1987
Ceol Tíre 29:  February 1986
Ceol Tíre 28:  November 1985
Ceol Tíre 27 :  January 1985
Ceol Tíre 26:  September 1984
Ceol Tíre 25:  February 1984
Ceol Tíre 24:  November 1983
Ceol Tíre 23:  February 1983
Ceol Tíre 22:  October 1982
Ceol Tíre 21:  May 1982
Ceol Tíre 20:  November 1981
Ceol Tíre 19:  March 1981
Ceol Tíre 18:  November 1980
Ceol Tíre 17:  June 1980
Ceol Tíre 16:  April 1980
Ceol Tíre 15: October 1989
Ceol Tíre 14:  May 1979
Ceol Tíre 13:  November 1978
Ceol Tíre 12:  May 1978
Ceol Tíre 11:  January 1978
Ceol Tíre 10:  October 1977
Ceol Tíre 9:  April 1977
Ceol Tíre 8:  December 1976
*Ceol Tíre 7: December 1976
Ceol Tíre 6:  April 1976
Ceol Tíre 5:  October 1975
Ceol Tíre 4:  March 1975
Ceol Tíre 3:  October 1974
Ceol Tíre 2:  March 1974
Ceol Tíre 1:  November 1973

*CT no 7 includes the transcript of Junior Crehan, in an interview with Proinsias Ó Conluain, talking about the travelling dancing master Pat Barron. Text here

For the other  previously archived transcripts of items on Creativity in Irish Traditional Music and on box player John Joe Gannon, please see Activities

Ceol Tíre Contents 



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